Imagine a spotlight of sun peeping for a moment through dark, cool woods. Then this glimpse of wood texture beneath the bright, creamy butter color of these fungi. A moment’s magic caught by the camera and preserved forever, or until the computer crashes, or the funds for this blog page run out. So much potential beauty lost in the impermanent mists of time.

Old, ruined buildings. Churches and barns, their people moved on, their roofs crumbling, their windows boarded up. A heavy snowfall and, back-broken, they fall to their knees and yield to the weight of snow. A storm-surge of age and ailments break over them. Wildflowers creep up and in. The names on the gravestones slowly vanish, layer by layer, letter by letter, until even the names are no more.

Such will be our fate: all our glory reduced to nothing. Sic transit gloria mundi [Thus pass the worlds’ glories] as the Romans once said. All our books and words reduced to dust. No more living words, just  Polvo seco de tesis doctoral [Dry dust of a doctoral thesis] in the prophetic words of my good friend, the Spanish-Canadian poet José María Valverde.

4 thoughts on “Spotlight

  1. Such a beautiful descriptive piece, Roger. And yet so sad… The futility of this mortal experience with all our memories and the things we leave behind turned to dust! Ah, somehow we carry on with hope never extinguished!

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    • Good morning, Meg: Valverde is such a good poet and not that well known outside of Spain. He lived quite a while in Canada and I met and talked with him on many occasions. I love his Poets of Today / Poetas de hoy in which he writes that we all destined to become polvo seco de tesis doctoral. It’s a frightening but lovely thought. I will counter the sadness with another post: we must all leave footprints, however small. Your footprints are your paintings, your drawings, and your books. We will live on in many ways, I through my students, you through your patients and your admirers, of whom there are many. We reach out for the stars, but sometimes, our fingers only touch the moon. Such is life, such is art. And you are right: we never give up. We continue to dream, and one day one of our dreams will be taken up and dreamed into reality by another. That is our true, long-term legacy.

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      • Roger, even your comments are poetic! This idea only occasionally makes me blue. Being famous does not make our work any less important! And truly a large part of the enjoyment is in the process so that is what I choose to focus on. All the best! I will have to email you soon. Catch you up on the latest!

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