Rapping the Blues

Rapping the Blues
(for Julie G.)

Have you ever felt blue?
Blue  like a Smurf,
I mean totally blue,
so blue that the blues
were all made for you?

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that wise old man
gives the blues a rap.
He says anyone can
change his point of view
and stop feeling blue.
It all depends
on your point of view.


He says “face the music,
take a chance,
teach yourself
to sing and dance.”

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“Don’t look in the mirror,
don’t look inside:
the things in there
are why you cried.
Take a look at life
from another side.”

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“Talk to yourself,
make the point:
don’t let your nose
get out of joint.”

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“Inside us all
there’s a trinity:
a you and a me
and a he and a she.
But three’s a crowd
when they shout out loud
even when they say
‘No Blues allowed.'”

But I’m telling you
what he said to me
and that’s the way
it’s gonna be.


There’s a silver lining
to every cloud,
and when the sun shines
we sing out loud.

So dance in the rain
when you’re feeling blue
and make that sun
come shining through.