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I would like to thank Allan Hudson for running this article / interview on his blog.

Further to this article / interview, here are some more details of my artistic career.


Creative Writing Awards

 2021           Creative Non-Fiction Award First Place Two Dead Poets

2020            David Adams Richards Award First Place On Being Welsh in a Land ruled by the English

                    Alfred G. Bailey Award Second Place Second place The Nature of Art and the Art of Nature

                    Narrative Non Fiction Prize Third Place An Exercise in Writing

2019            Fredericton Word-Feast Post Card Story Finalist Auntie Gladys

2018            DA Richards Award Third Place Devil’s Kitchen

                    Dawn Watson Memorial Award Honorable Mention Angel

2016            WFNB D. A. Richards Award Honorable Mention Nobody’s Child

                    NB Literary Awards Finalist Prose Fiction Bistro

2015            WFNB Douglas Kyle Memorial Award Short Fiction Letting Go

2014            WFNB Honorable Mention Creative Non-Fiction Award Message in a Bottle

2012            WFNS Honorable Mention Atlantic Short Fiction Award Butterflies

2011            WFNB DA Richards Award Honorable Mention People of the Mist (novel)

2010            CBC Finalist, Short Fiction Award The Key

                    WFNB Short Fiction Award The Weaver

 1995            WFNB Alfred G. Bailey PrizeAlban Angels (Poetry)

                     WFNB DA Richards Award Honorable Mention, Decent People, (Short Stories)

1989             WFNB Alfred G. Bailey PrizeStill Lives (Poetry)

 1962            Stroud International Festival of the Arts, First Prize, Poetry (1962)


 Professional Societies and Community Associations

The Writers’ Union of Canada (TWUC)
League of Canadian Poets (LCP)
Writers Federation of New Brunswick (WFNB)


Creative Work 
Books and the Equivalent

Bibliography of Creative Works — Updated 01 May 2023.

(*** Available on   ^^^ Available at

Moore, Roger. A Cancer Chronicle. Create Space: Roger Moore, 2017. ***

—. All About Angels. Fredericton: Roger Moore. 2009.

—. All About Angels. 2009. New edition, enlarged and revised. Create Space: Roger Moore, 2016. ***

—. At the Edge of Obsidian: A Book of Hours, Oaxaca, Mexico. Halifax: Mount Saint Vincent UP, 2005.

—. Ávila. Cantos y santos y ciudad de la santa. Create Space: Roger Moore, 2016. ***

—. “Birthday Suit.” The Antigonish Review 81-82 (1990): 45-51.

—. Birthday Suit: The Making of the Movie. Fredericton: U of New Brunswick Libraries, 2007.

—. Bistro. Create Space: Roger Moore, 2016. ***

Finalist, NB Book Awards, 2017

—. Bistro Two. Moore Short Fiction. Create Space, 2017. ***

—. Broken Ghosts. Fredericton: Goose Lane Editions, 1986.

—. Daffodils. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 1992.

—. Dewi Sant. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 2010.

—. Empress of Ireland. Create Space: Roger Moore, 2016. ***

—. Fundy Lines. Halifax: Mount Saint Vincent UP, 2002.

—. Granite Ship: Lines from Ávila, July-August 2005. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 2006.

—. Iberian Interludes. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 1992.

—. Iberian Interludes. 1992. New edition, enlarged and revised. Create Space: Roger Moore, 2016. ***

—. Idlewood. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 1990.

—. In the Art Gallery. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 1991.

—. Lamentations for Holy Week. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 2020.

—. Land of Rocks and Saints: Poems from Ávila. Fredericton: Nashwaak Editions, 2008.

—. Last Year in Paradise. Fredericton: Fiddlehead Poetry Books, 1978.

—. M Press of Ire: Poems from Ste. Luce-sur-mer Quebec. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 2008.

—. McAdam Railway Station. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 2019.

—. Monkey Temple. 2012. New edition, enlarged and revised. Create Space: Roger Moore, 2016. ***

—. Nobody’s Child. Create Space: Roger Moore, 2017. ***

—. Obsidian 22. The Oaxaca Trilogy 3. Ed. Denise Nevo. Halifax: Mount Saint Vincent UP, 2007.

—. Obsidian’s Edge. Create Space: Roger Moore, 2016. ***

—. On Being Welsh. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 1993.

—. On Being Welsh in a land ruled by the English. Allahabad:, 2021. *** / ^^^

—. One Small Corner. Create Space: Roger Moore, 2017. ***

—. Scarecrow. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 2019.

—. Secret Gardens. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 1991.

—. Septets for the End of Time. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 2022.

—. Stars at Elbow and Foot. Allahabad:, 2021. *** / ^^^

—. Stepping Stones. Fredericton: Rabbittown Press, 2015.

—. Sun and Moon: Poems from Oaxaca, Mexico Halifax: Mount Saint Vincent UP, 2005.

—. Sun and Moon: Poems from Oaxaca, Mexico. Create Space: Roger Moore, 2016. ***

—. Systematic Deception. Ottawa: BowlOver Design & Publishing, 2014.

—. Tales from Tara. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 2019.

—. The Nature of Art and the Art of Nature. Allahabad:, 2021. *** / ^^^

—. The Water Tower. Fredericton: Roger Moore and Geoff Slater, 2022.

—. Time-Spirits. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 2019.

—. Though Lovers Be Lost. 2000. New edition, enlarged and revised. Create Space: Roger Moore, 2016. ***

—. Triage. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 2015.

—. Twelve Days of Cat. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 2020.

—. Vision and Revision. Fredericton: Roger Moore, 2021.

Alternate Sources:

Monkey Temple (Poetry). Halifax: MSVU Press. 2012. 84.
Carved in Obsidian. (Prose poetry and multi-media). Online (2009)
Obsidian 22. (Poetry Book.) Halifax: MSVU Press. 2007.
Birthday Suit: The Making of the Movie. Fredericton: UNB – HIL. 2007. 64 pp.
At the Edge of Obsidian. (Poetry). Halifax: MSVU Press.   2005. 60 pp. October, 2005.
Fundy Lines (Poetry). Halifax: MSVU Press. 2002. 62 pp.
Though Lovers Be Lost (Poetry). Halifax: MSVU Press. 2000. 67 pp.
Sun and Moon. Poems from Oaxaca, Mexico. (Poetry). Halifax: MSVU Press. 2000. 72 pp.
Alban Angels (Poetry) Online (1995)
Broken Ghosts (Poetry Book). Goose Lane Editions. Fredericton, N.B. 1986.
Last Year in Paradise
(Poetry Book). Fiddlehead Poetry Books. Fredericton, NB.  1978.


Dewi Sant (Welsh Stories and Poems). Fredericton, NB. 2010.
All About Angels (Poetry ). Fredericton, NB. 2009.
M Press of Ire (Poetry Chapbook). Fredericton, NB. 2007.
Granite Ship – Lines from Ávila (Poetry ). Fredericton, NB. 2005. 2nd ed. March 2006.

Book Length Manuscripts in Various Stages of Progress 

*** submitted to presses and / or agents  

People of the Mist *** (Novel: completed ms.)
Walking the Road *** (Novel: completed ms.)
Reason’s Dream (Novel: completed ms.)

Bistro Three (Short Stories and Flash Fiction Collection)
Devil’s Kitchen*** (Short Story Collection)

Septets for the End of Time*** (Poetry)
Seasons of the Heart*** (Poetry)


Artistic Videos and Films

 Birthday Suit: The Making of the Movie. 16th Mary Ella Milham Lecture. Fredericton: Harriet Irving Libraries. DVD. April 2007.
Theatre in Language Teaching: The Oaxaca Project. 30 minute video for Channel 9 TV. Oaxaca, Mexico. December, 1995.

 Misdirection. (Acting role: Arthur Lawrence). Director: Jeremy Robinson.
Anthony Flower. (Voice over). Director: John Collicot.
Trek (Filmed in the Black Box Theatre, STU. Script editor. 1 hour video. Director: Roberta Nixon; author: Peter Pacey).
War Brides. (Voice over and narrative for 15 minute video produced for the Royal Canadian Legion.)
Birthday Suit (Writer, producer, director, editor. NBFilm Venture Grant Award for production; production dates: January – October, 2003). Birthday Suit: 2nd place in Rogers Viewers Choice (Short Films), Tidal Wave Film Festival. Fredericton, November 4-7, 2004.
La cousine. (Acting role / Father. Director: Pierre Huard. Script editor. July. 2003).
Hobson’s Choice (Continuity / Script Editor – Pre-production and production; May / June, 2003).
Street Music (16mm film).NB Film Co-op. 2nd. Assistant Director. Pre-production. Production. 3rd Place in Rogers Viewers Choice (Short Films), Tidal Wave Film Festival. Fredericton, November 4-7, 2004. Filmed in Fredericton, May – July, 2002.
Full Circle. (16mm film). NB Film Co-op / English Department. University of New Brunswick. Acting role. Pre-production (locations), production (continuity) and post-production (continuity). March, 2002.
Full Circle: for the Record. (Documentary Video). NB Film Co-op / English Department. University of New Brunswick. Acting roles plus participation. March / April, 2002.
Elevation. (Video). NB Film Co-op / English Department. University of New Brunswick. Acting role. February, 2002.
The Gentlemen’s Room. (Video). NB Film Co-op / English Department, UNB. Acting role plus pre-production, production, and post-production of video. February, 2002.


Short Stories Published

Pandora’s Box (short story), Nashwaak Review, (2004).
The Fundy is the Fundy is the Fundy
(short story), NB Nature, (2002)
Poses (short story). The Nashwaak Review, 9 (2002)
A Way With Women (short story). The Nashwaak Review, 7 (2000)
Various Kinds of Bull (short story). The Nashwaak Review, 5 (1997): 178-88.
An Evil Genius: Dewi Sant / St. David’s Day (short story). The Cormorant, 13, 2 (1997), 9-24.
The Waiting Game (short story). The Nashwaak Review, 4 (1996): 122-31.
The Field of Peppers (short story). The Nashwaak Review, 3 (1996):112-23.
Father (short story). The Nashwaak Review, 2 (1995): 45-56.
Decent People (short story). The Nashwaak Review, 1 (1994), 203-10.
Birthday Suit (short story). The Antigonish Review, 81-82 (1990), 45-51.
(short story). The Wild East, Spring (1990), 7-10.


 Selected Articles on Artistic Creativity

 “Think Before You Ink: Two essay based courses which develop the ART of writing (Analysis, Research, Thought).” Compendium 2, Dalhousie University, NS.

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—– and Elizabeth McKim. “Through a Distorting Mirror: Elizabeth Bishop’s Translations of Octavio Paz’s Poetry, ” in Divisions of the heart. Elizabeth Bishop and the Art of Place and Memory. Eds. Barry, Davies, and Sanger. Wolfville, NS: Gaspereau Press. 2001. 267-77.

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Poems Published

Over 200 poems and short stories have been published, or accepted, by: Arc, Ariel, Casa de las Américas (Cuba), CommuterLit, Cross Canada Writers Quarterly, El Colibrí Rosado (Mexico), ellipse, Fiddlehead, Germination, Nashwaak Review, Nonesuch Magazine, Poetry Halifax Dartmouth, Poetry Toronto, Poetry Canada Review, Pottersfield Portfolio, Quarry, Quick Brown Fox, Revelations, The Antigonish Review, The Aquinian, The Canadian Literary Review, The Cormorant, The North York Arts Council Newsletter, The North York Mirror, The Wild East, Waves, and others.