Never underestimate the importance of the sentence, the power and placement of each word, the dynamism of the parts, the wisdom of the whole. I could write about this at length but, much more important, others have done so. My thanks to my friend and fellow artist, Jan Stoneist, for choosing the above sentence from my book, Stepping Stones, and carving it in Old Red Sandstone, from Wales. Cymru am Byth.

This article, attached below, illustrates the theory much better than I can.






2 thoughts on “Sentence

  1. Roger: We worry each word and sentence and paragraph like a puppy killing a slipper. Then we ask some beloved who has read our oeuvre to tell someone else what it is about (cocktail party talk). That’s a smack upside the head, isn’t it? Does s/he say “It’s a bold tale, beautifully told?” Not often. No, s/he stumbles and bumbles. What we think our work’s about overshadows (or overshines; hmmm, must think about that) all that beauty we’ve buried in it, the careful placement of commas and such… The engraver appreciates brevity, hopes for letters that cut into the stone easier than others, no matter what word they compose. We could analyze our work till we see the universe in a grain of sand, reductio ad absurdum. But how else? Woththehell, archie, wothehell. -Jan

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    • Good morning, Jan: so pleased to see you here. A puppy killing a slipper, eh? And sometimes with the foot still inside it. What sharp nippy needle teeth they have. The article is an excellent one with some fine illustrations of other people’s written sentences, revisions and all. Fun to read and even more fun to watch the struggles of others, all more famous than the present writer. Best wishes and enjoy the fall.


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