Let it snow ….

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Let it snow …

A New Year, a new snowblower, and the same beautiful handy-person. Luckily I can cook, so when the hard work is done, that handy-person can sit down to hot tea and buttered crumpets. Oh the joys of retirement. Some never retire, though, and a handy-person’s work is never done. Mind you, cooking, for me, is a joy, not a chore, so I don’t ever think of it as ‘work’, that nasty, old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon four-letter word. In fact, come to think of it, teaching and research were joys, never chores. As a result, I have never done a day’s work in my life. Nor did I ever want to.

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And that’s what I wish you all for the New Year: brave blossoms that stand out against a snowy background, joys that make each day a pleasure and never a grind, happiness that drowns out the daily sorrows of this Vale of Tears through which we are passing, and a clock without hands, so that you never have to count the hours as the days tick slowly by.

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May each morning fill you with joy, happiness, and a sense of adventure. And may the evening sky fill you with peace and contentment for a day well lived.

4 thoughts on “Let it snow ….

  1. The perfect couple, perched on a high hill each loving the other, both content in what they do. That certainly is a wonderful recipe for life. Thank you for your good wishes for 2020 Roger, and go Clare go!

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  2. Happy New Year, Jan, and loads more carving in things more durable than snow. The ‘may you-s’ are all subjunctives and the old form of ‘I wish you’ … I think, anyway. It’s still used a lot in Spanish, not so much in English any more. I don’t know if that’s what you were asking (!) but that’s my answer. We gave away the old machine (a faithful servant of thirty years, but it weighed a ton, almost literally) and bought a smaller, lighter one. We have a man in to do the drive and Clare can handle the new one with ease. It wouldn’t start this morning: and then we remembered to turn the engine on! Such is life.


  3. Thank you, Roger, for the thoughts…what are they, those nice images that always follow “May you…?” Thank you for the “mays”, anyway. I hope [wish] that life may [will] be good to you this year, and that it will [can] have as little work in it as possible [dream on]. I may (do) have snowblower-envy. Best, Jan Jan Hull See my Sculptures


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