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My neighbor with the bird-killer cats has left the neighborhood and we have started to see the birds returning. Now we can refill the feeders, knowing that the birds will all be relatively safe. And the squirrels, red and grey, and the chipmunks. We had a beautiful snowshoe hare visit the garden, but he saw those cats and moved on to other pastures. I saw one last week, though, moving across the road ahead of me, caught in the car’s headlights amidst the whirl of snow. A ghost drifting lightly over the roadside drifts. Beautiful.

The deer have returned with the snow. There are six of them now, where last year there were seven. They gathered under the mountain ash and walked round and round, hoovering up the fallen berries. Usually the robins clean the berries out, but their visits this year were so brief. Snow came early and the robins moved on, even though a multitude of berries garlanded the tree.  Here’s a robin looking wistfully at the falling snow and wondering what to do next.

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So winter is back again. The snow is falling as I type. I have had second thoughts about blogging. In fact, I haven’t blogged since 19 October 2019. Work on my journal and my latest books and chap-books has kept me busy elsewhere. To blog or not to blog, that is the question. And I face that same question with Facebook too: shall I or shan’t I? As of now, I have no answer to that question. If you have an answer, please let me know.

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6 thoughts on “Decade-End

  1. Some lovely thoughts, Sir Raj.
    And beautiful pix.

    And, if this is what blogging is all about, then I vote “Continue”…

    … with one restriction: whenever Time starts to claw you into her squeeze, let the posting – and all the assumed demands of posting – go.

    Stay with the real stuff.

    But this is just
    All the best in 2020

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    • Thanks, Neil. I have some good friends on the Blog and keeping in contact with them is a good thing. A happy new year to you and your family. Drop in for Lavender chamomile tea whenever you want. And keep writing. Thanks for being here, at the reading, the other night. I had fun!


  2. Good to know you’re still beavering away, Roger. I used to occasionally see deer crossing the road near the village, sometimes as many as three at a time, but as the last few months have been deer-free, I’m hoping they’re just keeping to themselves. No Robins, though.

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