Federico García Lorca

It starts in the soles of your feet, moves up
to your stomach, sends butterflies stamping
through your guts. Heart trapped by chattering teeth,
you stand there, silent, wondering … can you?
will you?what if you can’t? … then a voice breaks
the silence, but it’s no longer your voice.

The Duende holds you in its grip as you
hold the room, eyes wide, mouths open, possessed,
taken over like you by earth’s dark power,
volcanic within you, spewing forth its
lava of live words. The room is alive
with soul magic, with this dark, glorious
spark that devours the audience, heart
by heart. The magic ends. The maelstrom calms.

Abandoned, you stand empty, a hollow
shell. The Duende has left you. God is dead,
deepening your soul’s black night. Exhausted,
you sink through deepest depths searching for that
one last drop at the wine bottle’s bottom
that will save your soul and permit you peace.

IMG_0810 (2).JPG

4 thoughts on “Duende

  1. Lovely, powerful creative magic, Roger. With your permission, I’d love to share Duende with each of the Artists here at KIRA. They were all touched by your readings, the other evening, and wish to bring a taste of that magic with them, upon their return. As well, I’m confident they’d love to use Duende to become inspired as they create while here in St. Andrews. Cheers, Chuck

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Chuck. A nice way to start my day: with a glowing compliment! By all means share with the ladies and please give them my e-mail address and ask them to write to me if they wish. I will be back down, the question is when. I’ll talk with Masha and Geoff.


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