(1431-1463 AD)

galley dance
grisly ghouls
skeletons blowing
white in the wind

rangle jangle tangle
bones like trombones
air-hole pierced
the high thigh
pipe of flute

crows for cronies
jolly roger flag
flapped by black
wing strokes

who-hoo the owl’s
night time chant
will seek mercy
grant forgiveness

wind drops
sighs its secret
bodies tap dancing
their swan song

souls aloft
winging away
on shifting air
no longer care

11 thoughts on “Ghosts

    • Saw the game on Skype. England, Ireland, Wales: three genuine NH contenders and don’t count Scotland out after that last game. I have missed you. Writing and composing and not reading as much as I should be. Great to see you here and I’ll be in touch.

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      • I have missed you as well Roger. I haven’t been that active really, more in brief spurts. Trying to do something big but I am so easily distracted. I thought Ireland under performed, maybe a master plan is involved?

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      • Good question: an athlete can only peak at regular intervals, usually 3 months and / or six months apart. Ireland did so well in the fall that they probably needed the break. They also took a real physical battering against a huge English side. I think too that they have a slightly older squad and may need more rest. They’ll be back, as will England. However, England seem to be a Plan A team with Plan B, if that fails, bash them even harder. It certainly didn’t work against the Scots.

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      • Brexited out: me too! I have been reading up on it and following it on a daily basis. What a mess. A regular fluster-cluck as my old rooster used to say about his citizens in the hen-house. I am glad I am (relatively) safe here in Canada, in spite of a really cold and long and icy and snowy winter.

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      • They’ve been in Wales since 1272. Tell me about it. I really don’t know what to say. Educated in Wales, England, France, Spain, Canada, and Mexico … I guess I have a different view of what Europe and Education mean. I also have a very different view of Colonialism, having seen it and heard it from several sides in several languages.

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