IMG_0448 (2)

(1613 AD)

one-eyed king
caged in his cavern

a songbird
dispels shadows
lights up his life

pit pines creak
can’t strike a match
walking by touch

lungs black and scarred
following the seam
back to iron cages

singing dark hymns
hoping to surface
to walk in sunlight

a jail cell
these bars’ lifelong
death sentence

below the pit-ponies
frantic and anxious
the pit’s pet canary
dead on his perch

11 thoughts on “Polyphemus

  1. Re: Polyphemous This one is very dark (no pun intended). I loved the dark imagery, and imagined myself down there. I worked *at *the mines for 2 summers, and *in* those mines for part of one summer as well. I did not prefer going down into the mines. Not so much the claustrophobia so much as the inevitability of a cave in at some point. This is a good one, to my taste. Chuck

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