Kingsbrae 20.3
20 June 2017

Some Times

something happens:
lightning strikes the tree,
the upraised golf club,
the umbrella,
the baby’s stroller.

an earthquake rocks the house,
hailstones as big as golf balls
shatter the greenhouse glass.

More often
it is as silent as frost on geraniums,
or clothes on the line quick-frozen in the wind.

Slow crumbling:
a breaking down by freeze and thaw,
free fall on the cliff face and the subsequent scree.

A cloud passes overhead:
our sunshine vanishes.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. And thank heaven sometimes something doesn’t … I can’t believe you are approaching the end of your amazing time in St. Andrews.

    • It has been amazing Ana, and I find it hard to believe that it’s nearly over. It’s been a very productive session and I have managed to produce some excellent poems with a very different tone and substance. I should get a book out of it, at least, and a good one at that. Thanks for staying in touch and I hope you have enjoyed the journey.

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