Kingsbrae 7.2
7 June 2017


Where is it going
when it overtakes me
in its speeding car
and leaves me lumbering
along life’s highway?

10:00 AM, 11:00 AM,
the hours flash by
like milestones marking
time’s passage over
the face of the clock.

What am I going to do?
I have left the last
gas station way behind
with my motor failing,
and me running out of gas.

6 thoughts on “Time

  1. Roger I always used to say in my lectures that, considering the number of atoms in the human body, when we live, breathe, and then die, those atoms of our life’s passage (about 6 times ten to the twenty-seventh power,( or 6E27) locked up in our bodies alone, and many more from our passage through life) disperse into the air or the vegetation, and into the bodies of others. I may have atoms of Shakespeare (and (unthinkably) of Hitler) in my body, along with those from all other animals and plants that I have lived and died. The plants in my garden do, too. I have some of yours, and you have some of mine. Brotherhood, at the most elemental level! How’s that for metaphysical philosophy?

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      • This gets me into Religion and my own feelings on origins and processes. I am religious, make no mistake about it, but my religion is personal, universal in scale and has aways to do with the way life ‘evolves’ in such a wondrous way (despite the vicissitudes of nature always trying to cut us down and extinguish us). The more we learn, the more we learn that we do not understand or know. It’s like trying to come to grips with infinity and what lies beyond the never ending. There is no boundary. No fence. No end. My mind cannot fathom that. I accept it, but I cannot understand it. But that’s the nature of religion isn’t it? I see, therefore I believe (science), versus, I believe, therefore I see (religion).

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      • I was trying to reply earlier, but somehow got shut out. You are turning into quite the philosopher in my absence John. I try never to put my own beliefs into words, but if I did, they would run along similar lines to yours. In addition, there is a strong dividing line between the divine and the men who tell us what is divine!


  2. I LOVE THIS, Roger. So timely, if you’ll excuse my 2/3 pun — P U.
    Just to bring you up to date, my own time is running out, the gas stations all closed now, so I’m mainly trying to spend the time I have left doing a catch-up version of my life for my kids. Not going very well, but they should have been paying more attention when we were all younger. I’ve loved everything of yours that I could find. Remember Kentucky after I’m gone, okay?

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    • Angie: we never go and you will never go. Little pieces of us, little snippets of memories, will remain in the DNA of our closest friends and admirers, and of our families. These will be passed on from generation to generation in ways in which we cannot fathom, and we will never die. Our conscious part will move on, but a surprising amount of us will live on long after we have gone. And yes: I will remember you and Kentucky, never fear, and so will all the readers of this blog and these comments.

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