Yellow Bird


Kingsbrae 5.1.1
5 June 2017

Yellow Bird

Broken-winged, a bird I found,
panicking upon the ground.

I stooped to lift it from the land:
it nestled in my open hand.

A matchstick splint with cotton tied,
a canary cage to rest inside.

With healing done, an open door:
my yellow bird will fly no more.

I take a pencil, draw a tree,
my bird begins to sing for me.

I erase the cage bars, one by one,
paint a lion’s mane of sun.

Now yellow bird sits in his tree,
and sings all day, to inspire me.

Comment: I split the original post into two segments. The first, 5.1.1 is the poem Yellow Bird and the voice recording. The second, numbered Kingsbrae 4.3 Encaustic, contains the summary of the first evening’s artistic discussion.

8 thoughts on “Yellow Bird

  1. I am working through these backwards. Art as a healing process is particularly interesting to me. Part of the push to get at-risk children involved in art is that very aspect of putting paint or pencil or words to paper and allowing expression that releases hurts. I loved this!

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  2. We heard from Anne. We heard from Carlos, Elise and Ruby. What portion of Roger’s story was told?

    Christina Baldwin writes in her book Storycatcher: “Story is the song line of a person’s life. We need to sing it and we need someone to hear the singing.” Seems to me that is happening at Kingsbrae. “Story told, story heard, story written, story read create the web of life in words.”



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