Wild Bird


IMG_0231 2.jpg


Wild Bird

 A wild bird has built
her nest in my heart.

Her blood-beat
flutters new rhythms.

Birdsong streams
sunlight in my pulse.

Afloat I knew the sea-
surge lift and pull.

Now hot blood rises
with the sun and sets
with this glorious fall
from heaven to earth:

sweet helter-skelter
glide of current and cloud.

Hair is to head
as feather is to nest.

The egg of my skull
shows hairline cracks:

tiny beaks pecking
fine-tuned sparks of song.

9 thoughts on “Wild Bird

  1. As for the photo: a Great Blue Heron flew over the backyard about a month ago. I have another picture of him roosting in a backyard tree. He looks so out of place. We don’t often see them round here; they’re much more common on the coast.


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