All About Angels




All About Angels

Angels: many people believe in them, some people don’t. ‘What are they really like?’ you ask. Well, the ones I have seen, and they are the only ones I can talk about, are nothing like the angels we see in old church paintings.

 Angels visit me regularly. They speak to me through the mouths of innocent birds and beasts and I listen to them carefully, for they are the messengers of Gaia, the earth goddess. If we do not listen to the earth goddess, if we don’t pay attention to her words, the earth and the people who live on it will be in serious trouble, sooner or later.

 So, go out into the garden and the woods. Walk softly. Stand beneath autumn trees. Watch for footprints in the winter snow. Above all, watch out for the living creatures with which we share our world. Listen to them when they speak to you. Pay attention to their words. Do not ignore them, and remember St. Francis of Assisi who called them his brothers and sisters, for that’s exactly what they are. They are our extended family and as we treat them, so will we ourselves be treated when Gaia, the earth goddess, calls us home.

Pensive Angel

 “A penny for your thoughts!”

 The pansies turned their heads,
gazing at her with great disdain.

 They are the lowest of the low,
yet grow again, each year,
from their own scattered seed,
like weeds.

 Their faces are beautiful,
bursting suddenly from winter’s
white dream.

 They create pastel thoughts and fill
the flowerbeds with secret dreams
that they alone can see.

All About Angels, my next book of poetry,  will soon be available on Amazon and Kindle.

17 thoughts on “All About Angels

    • Hard not to when you’ve lived in the city of St. Jon of the Cross and St. Teresa (of Avila). Thank you for looking after us today, Jane. Your painting is now hanging in the kitchen and looks great. You must come over and see it


    • So glad you like the poem. I love the way the pansies / pensées come back of their own free will. We have them scattered all over the garden, and I recognize some of the varieties as ones we bought long ago that have suddenly re-seeded themselves. The moss roses seem to do that too. Great fun and very spontaneous. You will enjoy All About Angels, and it will be out very soon. I am working on it again today. Not long now before it’s up and running.

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