Monkey Presses Delete



Monkey Presses Delete

Monkey loves walking behind the gorillas.
He loves to see fear in faces, tears in eyes
as the gorillas smash and grab and break down doors.

The gorillas break and enter: and when they do,
monkey simply points and gorillas do their thing:
it’s that simple …

Monkey has a code word he took from his computer course.
“Delete!” he says with delight
and the gorillas delete whatever he points to.

He loves deleting parents in front of children,
though deleting children in front of their parents
can be just as exciting.
He also loves burning other people’s books
and deleting their web pages.

The delete button excites monkey:
maneuvering the mouse tightens his scrotum
and he feels a kick like a baby’s at the bottom of his belly
as he carefully selects his victim and “Delete!”

The gorillas go into action:
ten, twenty, thirty, fifty, seventy years of existence
deleted with a gesture
and the click of an index finger pointed like a gun.

8 thoughts on “Monkey Presses Delete

  1. I’m glad you mentioned the creepy factor, Roger. This poem reminded me on a large scale of the internet control and washing in countries like China. On a personal level, it is kind of funny. That delete button can be a dangerous tool. Great work.

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    • I think a great many people will have that same sneaky suspicion, John. Monkey’s distorting mirror reflects an incredible number of people, many of whom wish it didn’t! It can be quite creepy on the far side of the looking glass.


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