Monkey Throws Away the Keys


Monkey Throws Away the Keys

Monkey is tired of writing reports
that are never read.
He is fed up with frequently asked
questions and their unread answers.
To every lock, there is a key.
Monkey looks at the red and gold
locks of the last orang-utangs
and wonders how to unpick their DNA.

Monkey would give his kingdom
for a key, a key, a little silver key:
the key to a situation, the key to a heart,
the office key, the key to the door,
at twenty-one, the keys of fate,
the Florida keys, the key to San
Francisco’s Golden Gate,
a passe-partout, a skeleton key,
the key to Mother Hubbard’s
cupboard, where she hides dry bones …

On the last day, when monkey leaves work
he takes a lifetime of keys
and throws them down a deep dark well.
As they halve the distance to the water,
he listens to the sound of silence
and wonders if they’ll ever hit the bottom.

17 thoughts on “Monkey Throws Away the Keys

  1. You know how much I love Monkey. I remembered the bunch of monkeys sitting in a room with typewriters and bags of speed hammering away at the works of Shakespeare. I like keys as well, that feeling of what they could open ( I am thinking of the offhand comment in Discrete Charm to the Key to Dreams and the utterly mysterious blue key in Mulholland Dr, the key to the garden at the start of Alice in Wonderland, now that I have started thinking about I suppose the list is endless). Sorry I got sidetracked there this is excellent and got me thinking.

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  2. Reminds me of the music hall ditty: ‘I’ve got the key to the door, never been twenty-one before. I love your Monkey Temple and everything about it.
    Malice in Blunderland redux.

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