Late Summer Angel




Late Summer Angel

“It’s good to stop, while mowing,
and to rescue that one red leaf,
and that one yellow leaf,
and that other leaf
the sun has spotted,
like an old man’s hand.

And it’s good to stay
bent over for a while,
to rest and to gaze
at the October fungi,
mushrooms and toadstools,
thrusting from the earth:
puff balls, dust balls,
little brown umbrellas.

 And it’s good to see
where the moles
have dug new houses.”

 “Better yet,”
says the autumn angel,
“is to stand beneath
the trees, drinking up
the sunlight.

Raise your hand and see
your skin fragmented
into a coat of many colors.”

 Sunshine through
a stained glass window.

 Light rains
droplets down
through speckled leaves.

Note: Late Summer Angel is from All About Angels, the poetry collection that I am currently revising for re-publication. It will be available online at Amazon and Kindle in time for Christmas, 2016.



12 thoughts on “Late Summer Angel

    • Pearl, a quote would be wonderful; thank you so much. I am just revising All About Angels. I will add some more nature poems to it. The revisions (to the version you have) are minor, really. But the additions are great and I am really enjoying working with them. Let me know when the review is ready and I will read it with great pleasure.

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      • I will incorporate your suggestions into the revisions I am currently doing. Your reading of the text will enhance my understanding of how it is being received. That way I will be able to refocus on it and hopefully to improve it. Many thanks for your kindness and interest.

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      • I really can’t see how you can improve on perfection!

        I read deeply, you know, because I choose to read that which so much resonates with my own life experience. I only hope that perhaps my reviews on your books might inspire interest for readers who don’t normally take time for poetry.

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      • Just a minor touch here and there … in the revision mode … to have people take more time for poetry would be excellent … we do think along similar lines and it will be fascinating to read what you have to say … many thanks …

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  1. Scuffing through leaves. The smells of autumn decay. Naked trees. Dreading winter.
    I showed my grandchildren how to get a mushroom to paint its own portrait in a way that no artist ever could. *Put the cap, gill-side down on a sheet of white paper. Do not disturb for several hours. Gently lift off. Voila, a self-portrait that is a work of art.”

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    • “Eye-tiddley-onker: my first conker”! Another autumn favorite. So many things lost and forgotten. I love your mushroom secret self-portrait. Way to go. I’m still thinking of the lack of knowledge about coal — never seen a coal man: ‘with his sack of coal — cobledy-cobbledy, down the hole!”

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