October Angel


October Angel

birds peck their way
through egg shell skies
in search of summer

 ice pellets strike dead foliage

the October Angel
hangs suet from the rowan

a finger of wind
stirs stubborn leaves
whirling them round and round
in a carousel of color

she gathers her evening gown
and walks among ruined flowers

a snapdragon opens
the frosted forge of its mouth
and sprinkles the sky
with ice-hard shards of fire

Note: October Angel is from All About Angels, the poetry collection that I am currently revising for re-publication.

13 thoughts on “October Angel

    • I was never able to “teach” poetry … I still don’t think anyone can. When I invited the students to “read” poems, and explore poetry for themselves, I suggested they choose an image or two and then re-read the poem and see how those lines echoed throughout the verses. I still think this is a good approach to poetry and I am always so happy when someone finds an image that they really like. So glad you liked this one, Tanya.

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