In Absentia 3



In Absentia 3


I hear her voice, delicate, distant.
I run to the sound, jump on the table
in my usual spot by her play thing,
but she isn’t there. He’s there, damn it,
talking away. I can see him, smell him,
I hate him, his other sex perfumes,
but there he is and when he stops talking,
I can hear her voice. I move to his play
thing. A shadow, I can’t make it out,
then her voice again, my whiskers stiffen,
I lean forward and sniff, but no smell,
she has no smell, and scentless, I cannot
sense her, I bristle and she calls me, calls
me by my favorite names, and mews, I mew,
but I can’t smell her, and there’s no sense
of touch … is this the hell all pussy cats
will suffer … shadows on a screen, a haunting
voice, memories shifting and dancing,
no touch, no hugs, no sense of smell …
and nothing solid … just shadows and absence?

13 thoughts on “In Absentia 3

  1. My kitty used to bat at tv birds and flutterbyes and kitties and BIG cats and horses and dogs and…and…and…(you get the picture!) and chase them behind the screen when he was a youngster. Now he just yawns and goes to sleep. But when I get home after being gone for the day or weekend, he meets me at the door, mews once and then sits on the floor in front of me with his back to me for a good 6 hours!!

    We did Skype once, about 12 years ago and I did see him try to find me behind the computer screen!!

    (Love your little Squiffy Sketch! 🙂 )

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    • That’s the abandoned animal treatment: turn your back on the world and sulk. Our dogs used to do it, especially a black and white American Cocker Spaniel we once had. He was a lonesome hound. That’s Squiffy looking out of the window at a bird. I haven’t posted anything yet today: just caught up on the debate, the news. and talked on the phone. Plus it’s garbage day … so the house is empty of garbage (except for me and the cat!). Almost time to start my real life …

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  2. Lovely, Jane. It really makes me wonder about our new worlds filled with their alternate realities. We just Skyped our Thanksgiving Sunday Dinner with Ottawa. It was great. We were all eating round the same virtual table. What merriment.

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