Monkey Temple Prologue



Monkey Temple

The monkeys appear, as if by magic.
They tumble out of windows and doorways.
They clamber through the holes in the temple’s ruined roof.
They are quiet at first.
They inspect their surroundings.
They ogle the crowd gathering for the afternoon show.
They watch the watchers watching them.
They pulsate, for no reason at all, they pulsate, then ululate,
They jump up and down and swing from the temple’s roof.
They pontificate, gesticulate, and regurgitate.
They sit and sift for fleas. They defecate and urinate.
They masticate cautiously. They castigate and fornicate.
They ruminate. They masturbate. They rush to the top of the temple
and on the uplifted faces of the crowd they ejaculate.

10 thoughts on “Monkey Temple Prologue

    • Monkeys: it takes one to know one … and not just religious leaders either … politicians … priests … professors … protagonists … painters … publicans … and various other types of holier-than-thou-not-so-sinful-in-their-own-opinion sinners. As I wrote in the Intro to the book: nobody is targeted , but if the cap happens to fit, please wear it! So many people admit, here and there, that they do … wear the cap … me too in places!!!

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