Monkey Teaches



Monkey Teaches Sunday School on Mondays
(With apologies to Pavlov and his dogs)

Younger monkeys e-mail elder monkey
and expect an answer within two minutes.
Elder monkey drools and writes right back.

 He is turned on by the bells and
whistles of his computer.
“Woof! Woof!”
His handlers hand him a biscuit.

Elder monkey has grown to appreciate
tension and abuse:
the systematic beatings,
the shit and foul words hurled at his head.

The working conditions are overcrowded.

Elder monkey is overworked.
Yet he has managed to survive,
to stay alive and fight
what he once believed was the good fight.

Now he no longer knows:
nor does he drool anymore
when bells and whistles sound
and his handlers bait him with
an occasional, half-price biscuit.


18 thoughts on “Monkey Teaches

    • A lot of people feel like that towards the end of their careers. And that can be anywhere from 50-55 onwards. The new corporate tactic of “mobbing” doesn’t help … a group of juniors who want you out and a group of senior administraitors [sic] who want to get rid of you too. When these groups conspire together and If this hits sickness or the “self-doubt ageing syndrome” then life can be hell.

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