The Return

The Return

“You’ve been here before,” my Welsh grandmother
told me when she first held me. At least that’s what
they tell me she said. She married into a Catholic family,
but she never converted, refused to give up her own religion.

As a result, they didn’t respect her and never gave her
the treatment she deserved. I would love to ask her:
“Gran, if I was here before, where was I until I came back?”
Maybe she would know. The others wouldn’t dare ask
the question, let alone answer it. The facts of life were
forbidden things, surrounded by a silence of myth
or else spoken gently, in secret whisperings, with nothing
ever revealed to the young and curious.

Once again I have returned here and can honestly say
“yes, I’ve been here before.” This room seemed strange
the first time I visited, and yet it soon became my home from home.
As soon as I open the door, I embrace the familiar.
This room knows me, as I know it.
I walk to the writing desk, look out of the window,
and everything is at it was the last time I was here.
The sea below me sparkles as it always did.
The tower still stands at the end of the island,
and I know full well that, tomorrow morning,
dawn will flood the room with light.

Each day I am here, I will be blessed with a no sé qué
of mystic mystery that will overflow, fill the well
of my inner creativity, and allow me to fulfill
my destiny and praise those things that enlighten
the world and help to fill it with energy and verbal light.

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3 thoughts on “The Return

  1. Oh Roger, such a wonderful, hopeful piece, and how I love an east bedroom. I had one all the time I was a teenager, with a view of the woodlot and pastures of our little hobby farm. In summer there was even a morning view of the horses who stayed out all night to eat the grass and stayed in most of of the day out of the hot sun and the bugs.

    Enjoy your time near the ocean. As a child I lived in Saint John but not right on a beach where I could hear the surf. Do you suppose there is still time for me to find a bedroom with an east window for the morning sun and a south window for the ocean? Wouldn’t that be loverly?

    How did this get to be all about me? It should be all about you my friend. I hope you are well and happy.


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