I Can’t Complain!

I can’t complain!

Why not? Everybody else does.

Sun Absence Depression – People complain about the absence of the sun – and so do I. Five sun appearances between early December and the end of January. A sun glimpse, so to speak, pale coin between clouds, a sudden shadow that appears on the wall and vanishes before you can catch it. Do these count? Sun glimpses, mind you, and even less sunny days.

Snow, Sleet, Ice Pellets, Freezing Rain – Take your choice. The snow itself isn’t too bad. The snow blower takes care of that. But not when it rains on top of the snow, then freezes. Not when ice pellets weight it down and make it the consistency of wet sand on a wintry beach. My neighbor broke his snow blower trying to shift the mess. I was willing to risk the snow blower, but not my health. I couldn’t even get the blower out of the garage and into the mess that masqueraded as snow. I sat on the back bumper of the car, huffed and puffed, and decided not to risk it. And as for the freezing rain – my beloved had to put crampons on her shoes to be able to walk the ice and take the garbage to the end of the drive. As for blowing the ice that had fallen on the snow – the snow blower grunted, and groaned and complained as it slipped and slid all around – and so did I.

Rejection – Dejection – “Paper your walls with rejections.” Well, I won’t do that as we have just had the walls repainted. That said, when I checked my progress files this morning, out of 95 submissions, 93 had been rejected. Does the 2% make up for the 98%? Well, 5 more rejections and I’ll let you know.

Inflation – Gas. Luxury foods. Alcohol. You name, it and I will complain about it. And if I don’t, every day I go out shopping I see and hear someone complaining about the rising cost of just about everything out there. Being on a more or less fixed pension doesn’t help much either. Luckily, we don’t have to make choices yet, like some pensioners, and working people, are doing in the Untied Kingdom [sick]. Eat or heat? Food or medicine? Dog food or cat food? They have been staples for pensioners in the UK for a long, long time. Cheap and nourishing, though prices are rising, and taste disguised in a nice curry sauce. I kid you not.

Top Ten – well, I guess I could go on and on. But I won’t. Four reasons to cry are enough. Today, the sun is shining (positive). The overnight temperature was -25C / -13F, but it’s rising in the sunshine -15C / +5F as I type (positive), and I don’t have to go out in the cold (very positive), and I don’t have to snow blow today (very, very positive). So, may we all walk on the sunny side of life, find a silver lining to each and every cloud, and carry on regardless. It’s better than the alternative.

6 thoughts on “I Can’t Complain!

  1. “Troi oi,” Roger! Not to see if you remember what that means. I have to admit I’m afraid of rejection so would have stopped after the first one, but you have hung in there for 92 of them. That alone puts you ahead of the game in my book. Having had my own rejections I know how depressing that is. But as for being depressed, I just read the Tri-State MS Association newsletter and it focuses on depression as well. February seems to be world depression month but on the bright side, it only lasts 28 days with the exception of the Leap day but that is still a year away.

    It’s cold here again today but not as cold as yesterday, but I’ll put most of that in an email. For now I am warm, fed and waking up from my third nap of the day. Just to let you know I am looking forward to spring, only a few weeks away now. Just one thing to take issue with. YOU LET CLARE WALK ON ICY DRIVE TO TAKE THE GARBAGE OUT? Have a nice day!

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    • We share the duties, Angela – I do the cooking! Lots of hot chocolate and cookies when she comes back. We live in a shuffle and cut world – I do the half I can do, she does the half I can’t, and vice versa. Very hard to move a garbage can when needing two canes to walk – balance- on ice!!!!

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      • Very good point about the canes. I use two of them at times as well and it does tend to slow a person down a bit. But with those I can travel by car with family members, so they will remain one of my best ideas ever. Oh, I guess I read about someone using the two — you perhaps? I also have a walking stick my brother carved for me and use it inside only. I know it is carved from an oak tree branch but for some reason I just don’t want to take a chance on it getting wet. As for the cooking, I’ve seen some of your recipes and wish we lived next door to each other so you could invite me over for dinner. Which reminds me, it’s time for me to forage through my food supplies to find something for dinner. My best to Clare, my new heroine!

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