Butterfly Ghost Dance

Butterfly Ghost Dance

I woke up yesterday morning
to find frost on the ground
and a white layer over the green,
green grass of home.

The sun rose, and emerald
patches shone through
while the frost stayed layered,
icing on the lawn’s
Thanksgiving cake.

Occasional leaves lay a scattered
orange carpet. White threads
seemed to move as the breeze blew,
shadows shifted,
and the sun warmed my world.

Then I saw them, the ghosts
of summer’s butterflies,
long gone the live ones,
but their spirits drifting
over the grass gifting me
with warm, sunny memories
to contrast with
that first fall frost.

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Butterfly Ghost Dance

14 thoughts on “Butterfly Ghost Dance

      • Do you have turkey? That is the staple for our Thanksgiving, along with stuffing or dressing, cranberry sauce or salad, brown ‘n serve rolls made with my mother’s recipe that is older than I am, green beans, banana salad with her sweet and sour sauce, and followed by pumpkin and pecan pies — if anyone has space left for dessert! I think our Thanksgiving is on Thursdays so everyone can have a long weekend! Just my opinion though!

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      • I usually substitute a Cornish game hen now and that keeps us all well fed, but then there is only one other person at the table now. And this year might be completely different if I manage to get a place at the nursing home my aunt lives. I will be filling out an application later this week since they have only come out of quarantine today.

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      • I have had a few turkey breasts but usually make sandwiches with that. Never have seen a turkey roll around here but the game hens are almost always available and provide at least two meals for me. I think I forgot to mention Happy Thanksgiving yesterday!

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