fire the means of forging / Omega and Alpha / beginning and end


a double sword
this clearing out
of odds and ends

the library diminishing
book by book
so many memories
slipped between the covers
dust-bound now
yet springing so quickly
back to life

sorrowful not sweet
these multiple partings
from people I will never see again
save in my dreams

I think of book burnings
so many heroes
gong up in flames
fire their beginnings
fire their ends

fire the means of forging
the Omega and Alpha
of those book worlds
that surround us

fire words
encircling us
consuming us
outside and in

4 thoughts on “Downsizing

  1. I can understand how you feel, Roger. Because of changes coming in the near future, I had to cull my book collection, as painful as it was. Once I started picking out my favorites to keep, those I know I will read again, it as easier to let the others go.

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    • It is a sad feeling. I gave the Spanish collection to UNB, so at least it will access all that knowledge and pleasure (for me) to other readers. I still have a pile here: probably another thousand (or more) to go.


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