Happy Anniversary

Married 54 years ago today. What a way to celebrate with 3 poems to Clare on QBF. My thanks to Brian Henry and Quick Brown Fox.


Yours are the hands that raise me up,
that rescue me from dark depression,
that haul me from life’s whirlpool,
that clench around the jaws that bite,
that save me from the claws that snatch.

Yours are the hands that move the pieces
on the chess board of my days and nights,
that break my breakfast eggs and bread,
that bake my birthday cake and count
the candles that you place and light.

You are the icing on that cake, and yours
is the beauty that strips the scales
from my eyes, then blinds me with light.

Comment: what excellent timing: thank you for publishing three of my poems to Clare and on our 54th wedding anniversary too (24 December 2020). An incredible gift and Clare and I both thank you for it, Brian. How to make a memorable day even more memorable. Tonight, when we open the champagne, we will have a glass for you on the table. Much as we would appreciate your presence, the two week quarantine on entering New Brunswick places a blanket over so many invitations and celebrations. That’s why every little helps, and this is so much more than a ‘little’, it is a lot, a very thoughtful lot. So, for Brian, his family, and all my family and friends: tonight we will be alone in our home. But we will raise a glass to absent friends, and we will be together in our hearts. “To absent friends”!!! Here’s the link to Brian’s page.


10 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Three published poems, what a wonderful gift for Clair and for you. How romantic that you married on Christmas Eve. And what a cozy, lovely way to celebrate.

    I think I may be paraphrasing another writer but the sentiment fits perfectly:
    Forever is a measurement used for ordinary love. The extraordinary love the two of you share is immeasurable.
    Congratulations and Cheers!


  2. Congrats, Roger and Clare, on your anniversary. As well, Roger, on your poems being published.

    And, would you look at that, it’s Christmas, too!
    Here’s to tons of turkey, and all the best in 2021.

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    • Thanks, Neil. 54 years and all spent in Canada where we got married. Best two things we ever did: one, coming to Canada and two, getting married. They led to other ‘best things’ too, but we can’t mention them all here. ‘And may all your turkeys be feathered ones’ as they in Wales. Keep safe, keep well, keep writing, and all the best for Christmas and the new year.


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