Rain Again

The rain in Spain
does not stay on the plain

              When it rained in South Wales, it rained everywhere soaking rich and poor alike. There was no escaping the eternal wetness of Welsh Rain. Whenever we traveled, especially by bus, to another part of Swansea Town, it would be raining there too, but, as my auntie used to tell us when we came back home: “Smile now. Look happy. And remember: we had lovely weather all day. The sun was shining over there where we were. Raining here, at home, all day, was it? What a pity. You should have come on the bus with us!” I remember her smiling, all wrinkles round the eyes, her false teeth shining white, as she flashed a horse’s collar coal-scuttle of a grin, absolutely shameless. But we’d back her up. We’d all smile happily and laugh, and dance, and jump up and down, basking in the joy of the falsified sunshine of her wonderful smile, her shining false teeth. And she was right: where we had been together, the sun had shone all day, in spite of the umbrellas, our wet, cold feet, and all the undoubted evidence of a day of rain.


9 thoughts on “Rain Again

  1. How interesting! The mind’s eye image of Spain is that of a dry sunny land! Here in “sunny” Devon UK it rains all the time, hence the lush greeness all around. I NEVER leave the house without an umbrella! However I often don’t put it up as I love the rain falling on me. And jogging in the rain is an indescribable joy for a pluviophile. 🌧

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    • I love the rain, too. Here, we get snow, snow, snow … we have a frost forecast for tonight. 23 May. My poor hollyhocks. I’ll have to wrap them up warm! I used to run Cross Country with Bristol Athletic Club, way back when. Shower: a bucket filled with holes and cold water splashing out through them. Those were the days!


      • Ah…I’ve done the bucket with holes in. In the Sahara! And no marathon there for me! In fact these marathons du sable are fairly recent insanities ☀️ your poor hollyhocks! We too have had frosts forecast. The trouble is you have to get your plants out in May. And we have even had snow in June very occasionally! However wrapping up plants works. That fleece stuff has kept begonias and geraniums safe even through our winters.


      • The frost was not too severe and everything survived. The deer have got new growth in the local woods and have stopped visiting our garden. They are a plague in some parts and clear-cutting has driven them into the town in St. Andrews-by-the-sea where they have organized a deer cull. They will clean a garden out in next to no time. It used to be sheep in Wales!


    • I lived and studied in Santander, Spain. Their summer saying was “En Santander en el verano, no dejes el paraguas de la mano” / in Santander in summer, don’t let go of your umbrella. It’s on the Costa Verde, the Green Coast, and yes, it does rain a lot. But, as they also say “nunca llueve en los bares” / it never rains in the bars. I love ‘pluviophile, by the way. Nice.


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