White Wolf

IMG_1843 (2)

White Wolf
Rhodri Mawr

Winter’s white wolf
shakes ice from her coat,
makes snowflakes fly,
blanches our world.

Nose pointed skywards,
she howls a North wind
straight down from the Pole
as we shiver indoors.

Snow gathers in the air,
thick as winged moths,
then drops to the ground,
plays dead in deep drifts.

Snow banks climb higher,
blotting out light.
Soon, Arctic cold will wrap us
in its endless night.

Avila 2008 381 (2).jpg

White Wolf  in Island View


Comment: Y blaidd gwen yn y gaeaf / The white wolf in winter, translated from the original Welsh of an anonymous Gŵyr poet, circa 1613. Oh I do love messing about with images and words. I don’t have a photo of a white wolf, so instead I have posted a photo of my lapdog, Tigger, who weighs in at 115 lb. Tigger, of course / wrth gwrs, is a delicate champagne color rather than white. When he sheds hair in the summer known in the doggy trade as ‘blowing his coat’, it is like a snow storm coming off the back porch. The nesting birds and the chipmunks and squirrels can be seen carrying chunks of his fur back to their nests. They will keep wonderfully warm, wrapped in the raggle-taggle gypsies torn from coat. There are several jokes and pieces of misinformation or weird humor, woven into my poem. I wonder how many you can spot? Each of my poems is a puzzle, in one way or another, so have fun solving the riddles!

6 thoughts on “White Wolf

    • Thank you! Alas, they are predicting a Polar Vortex for Eastern Canada and the Eastern States. It will bring snow, they say, maybe a lot of it … in May? We have already had heavy frosts here in Island View and we dare not plant yet. And now more snow? The White Wolf of Winter, indeed.

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      • San Diego: I love San Diego. I stayed at the Holiday Inn down by the Embarcadero while I attended the MLA Conference there, and went whale watching and visited the zoo. A lovely sea front and a beautiful city. Lucky you! All best wishes to you, too.

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      • I’d love to. We have a travel ban right now and the province is shut down. only 2 new cases in the last 18 days and they were both safe, and past the contagious stage. Meanwhile, it’s snowing here. We have 1 inch down, between 6-10 forecast. The White Wolf is back. It’s snowing on my hollyhocks!


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