(1797 AD)

coming from nowhere
plucked from nothing
colored vowels
a child’s first alphabet

dark recesses
night’s starless
unenlightened mind

silent owls
flit in and out
predatory beaks
claws clutching
calling for skull
doors to open

sticky silk
this spider-spun
substance clutches
clings like plastic
gluing eyelids
shadowy lives
dance on walls
night’s drugged
dream cave

endless the gangplank
stretched over
troubled waters
reason’s dream
producing monsters
until dawn brings
its swift release

2 thoughts on “Nightmares

  1. The Sleep of Reason See? This is why you remain relevant. You are the first poet I’ve read who’s embedded references INSIDE of their poems. Well done, you! Also, I wouldn’t have mentioned anything if I didn’t care for the poem. The poem has to be good first and foremost, to include and merit innovation! Cheers, Chuck

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