Carved in Stone


Carved in Stone

bluestones and sarsens,
a Bronze Age tomb in Wick,
stone scrapes on the headland
above the channel
where reindeer used to roam

Maiden Castle
rolling its layered ramparts
beneath dark clouds
predicting the storm of arrows
the Legions with tortoise and ballista
barbarians at the gates

Horst and Hengist’s beached ships
within their double ditch and wall
motte and bailey the castle grounds
alive with daffodils

Vettones and verracos
the toros de Guisando
grazing sand meadows in a dream of stone
the danzantes at Monte Alban
stone circles and  Gorsedd rings
a chorus of granite

this year
stone steps climbing beaches
a stone triangle
growing in a place I knew
the history of my life
my people
carved in stone

10 thoughts on “Carved in Stone

    • Sometimes, Aruna, our lives are just words, blown away on the wind. Occasionally we anchor them more deeply. The fragile chain that leads from Stonehenge to me is long … and stronger than we think … for I am here … as you are there … and we are both blessed by our linkage to that enormous chain … that links us into our heritage.


    • It was just down the road from where Clare’s mother lived. A beautiful place to visit. Wonderful views out to Corfe Castle and Brownsea Island. It was ‘destroyed’ as a fortress and living space by the Romans. Great Museum in Dorchester dedicated to Mortimer Wheeler’s original excavations and digs. STILL DIGGING .. I saved up and bought that book … it was the first book I ever bought.

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