Kingsbrae 14.3
14 June 2017


Everywhere I go, distractions.
I-phones bleep, fingers touch
screens, instant news breaks
sound waves on an endless
shore, noise, more noise, car
radios, heavy metal, hard rock.

I must flee now to the gardens.
I must seek out the robin’s song,
find the liquid notes of the water
thrush, search for the oriole’s
magic voice, the cardinal’s
colorful chorus. Not for me the
cheap tweet of the twitter-verse:
better by far the soulful summer
soundsĀ of the natural universe.


12 thoughts on “Peace

  1. I love this! I crave those sounds of nature. I’m still getting caught up. I’m trying to read all the pieces out of Kingsbrae. They have been wonderful. Thanks for taking us along on the journey!

    • So glad you like it. I have had a great time writing and thinking and just ‘being’ … it has been a wonderfully creative time for me. And you are here with me, in spirit, so no problem.

  2. The power went out the other day for about an hour when a transformer in the neighborhood blew. You never realize just how noisy the modern world is until it’s completely cut off! Wee need that peace and quiet!

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