Kingsbrae 8, 2
8 June 2017


Here, on the seashore,
the whisper of waves,
splashed with a flash of sun,
wind fingering the hair,
the light a delight,
and wordless this world
though its beauty be
configured in words.

The scything of the sea,
the land seized in snippets,
grey stones, red rocks,
gelatinous mudflats
blue on white striations.

Seagull wings
snipping celestial ribbons,
salt caked keen on lips,
sea weed scents sensed
yet never seen.

Captivated we stand here,
unattached our single wings,
save to this singular beauty:
peregrine the falcon soul,
so solitary as it soars.

Comment: So many of these new poems are just that, “new” and “raw”. Words, for example, is just a couple of hours old. That is the gift of time that I have been given. The writing process is so rapid that there is little time to digest the last thought and image sequence, before the next comes tumbling along. I guess it’s just a question of rolling merrily along and we’ll see later what we still think is fit for survival. The selecting of these poems will be an interesting task … and who will select the selectors …

5 thoughts on “Words

  1. Marvellous! This conveys the sense of wordless wildness I felt during a solitary cliff walk in unseasonal autumnal weather (in June….) a couple of evenings ago. Wind, waves, the smell of the sea and gorse….wonderful. Hope you are well Roger.

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    • I am well, Polly, and doing wonderfully well here at the Kingsbrae International Residency for the Arts. I have been here a week and my thoughts and creative processes have undergone a sea-change … such a wonderful feeling. So glad you liked the poem. My father used to walk from Pyle Corner, through Bishopston Valley, to Ilston Valley and back. His favorite route. When he took me with him, he’d put me on the bus at the half way stage and I’d get a drive home. I think he put me on the bus when I was younger so he could stop in the pubs on the way home!

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      • I like his style! 😄 Took the children to a rain-sodden Ilston Valley today- what a coincidence! So wonderful in those quiet wet woods. I’m glad you are thriving creatively. I’m struggling a bit at the moment but forced a poem out today so I’m pleased with that.

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