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Carlos Carty Making Magic

Kingsbrae 8.1

(for Carlos Carty)

Songs without words:
a black alpaca rolling on green grass,
two deer dashing across the lawn,
three Indian Runner Ducks actually running,
four tents, canopies billowing beneath the sun,
Passamaquoddy stretched out before me,
a dark island stark in the bay,
sunlight descending a ladder of cloud.

Song without words without end:
music of wind through rock,
waves lapping against stones,
a breeze tapping rhythm from river reeds,
plucked and pierced, the reeds:
the world’s first flute.

Life and breath are one.
The young man opening the water bottles,
sipping the right amount, pursing his lips,
blowing into the bottle neck,
making sweet music:
a song of joy.

13 thoughts on “Flute

    • Thank you, Tanya: a nice compliment and much appreciated. I am falling behind with my reading, but the creativity is running wild. I have gained somehow a new sense of allegory, double meaning, and metaphor. Sometimes, they all blend together …

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      • It is a wonderful writing season. I have time and energy for new work, and when the new works stalls for an hour or two (!), I can look back n the old work and revise the best of it. This is quite simply a great place to be and I feel that I have been, and am, so lucky.

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