“When the cat’s away, the mice …”
they said, with a knowing wink, but
there was no play and you left me
with an emptiness I couldn’t fill.

It was our daughter’s fourth birthday.
She and I baked a cake, though to tell
the truth, I did little more than watch
and all encouragement from the side
-lines. So competent, she was, I called
her ‘Mother Two’ when she told me to
do all the things she wanted me to do.

Her cake turned out fine. She used
a whole packet of icing sugar, layered
so thick there was more icing than cake.
It was just a bit liquid too, and we could
not be bothered to wait until it cooled.

Drinking hot tea, munching  a slice of
her birthday cake, I sang a line or two
of Happy Birthday and then fell silent
as I wondered what you would be doing.
Later, we fed tiny cake crumbs to the dogs
who sat there, begging, not wanting their
own food, drooling, missing you, just like us,
and all of us waiting for you to come home.

27 thoughts on “Mice

    • I left at 16-11 for another call … I was watching on Skype. Brutal. That is the sort of win / loss I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I thought Moriarty was ‘lucky’ to get away with a couple of ‘hits’ … I hesitate to call them ‘tackles’ … especially the late one on Owen Farrell … two steps, if not three, before the ‘crump’ … England under EJ are the real thing … it’s not easy to win ‘ugly’ … yet they have done it twice … I wish we wouldn’t send the Lions to NZ to strengthen the ABs before the World Cup …

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      • I was glad when Moriarty went off – the Welsh backrow were in the ascendant until he departed. When Biggar intercepted on the Welsh line on 64 mins and went the length of the pitch, I thought that was game over… This team are definitely the real deal, even without Vunipola and Robshaw… And as for the Lions, I don’t think a 6N has looked this strong (notable exception of Italy) in a long time – we should be travelling down to win. If EJ were coach, he’d be targeting 3-0!

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      • I am not sure if it was the departure of Moriarty or the arrival of Haskell: the two events were pretty close. I didn’t think the trio Itoje / Hughes / Clifford were a match for the Welsh trio. 8/1 in turnovers, think it was. England kept going in with the ball and Wales kept coming out with it: strip city! France / Scotland today should be good. I’ll get it in French from TVCinq out of Quebec.

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      • I wasn’t impressed with Clifford, thought Hughes was very one-note (run straight, bash two yards), and Itoje lost some impact moving to the back row. I’m not convinced about Haskell’s impact on this one – after one big hit he was noticeably holding his shoulder, and went shy for the next five mins at least.

        I am looking forward to today’s game. Am hoping for a Scottish upset… Crazy times! Wonder how the French commentary would handle that 🙂

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      • Today’s game should be a double marker: how far the French have developed under Noves and are the Scots the real thing? By extension, we should see the parallels with the English game last week. Winning ugly: England are beginning to make a habit of it. Hughes was very upright in contact, lost possession because of it. You’re right about Haskell: a one hit man.

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