We are all so lonely,
locked in our cardboard castles,
no view beyond the battlements,
save for the wild lands, the forest,
from which the enemy might come.

Wild beasts, we cage ourselves
in our isolation and bang our heads
on the bars we built to protect us.

Sometimes, at night, we ascend
to the topmost turret to observe
the stars that dance above us,
tracing our lives in their errant ways.

And is this freedom, the night sky,
with its wayward planets, trapped
in their overnight dance and weaving
our futures, for ever and ever, amen?

Warning: Raw poem … written last night at 8:0-8:30 pm (according to the notes in my journal) and  typed out this morning. “Beware the jaws that bite, the claws that snatch …” And be wary of that which lurks beneath the forest’s dark and is never seen in the light of the sun.


13 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Rawness doesn’t scare me (‘beware of the jaws that bite’). I find this to be a compelling portrayal of our human predicament. Perhaps I would go even starker with the thought that many people don’t even know the wild lands, the forests..except perhaps metaphorically.

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    • I think of it more as a type of existence. Alas, more people live it than I thought at first. I love the ‘cardboard castles’: I saw them first in Madrid: people living in the street boarding themselves into the doorways of closed shops with castles made of cardboard. Very frightening.

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      • Hmm yes, that is frightening, just taking time out to enjoy, and marvel at elements of life is so wonderful then it could be sad and then very frightening. There’s so much to explore… Lovely descriptive piece…

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    • Thanks, Jan. I am sitting with your stone carving right beside me. Always an inspiration. We had 8 inches of now last night and c-c-cold this morning. Sunny and bright, though, and the deer ploughed a path through the snow to get at the bird feeders.


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