Baby Angel


Baby Angel

yesterday a baby angel
lay dead beside the road
the trees
caught their breath

the air stood still
a red fox
tore from the woods
a runaway leaf
so quick so silent
a shadow across the road
melting away to hide in the forest

I can still see the occupants of the stricken car
standing with their cell phones in their hands
punching urgent numbers

the mother deer’s dead eyes
gazed at them from inside the windshield
shock had rounded the driver’s snow white
lips into an O for Operator

8 thoughts on “Baby Angel

    • Thanks, Jane. I had one run right out in front of me, just by Silverwood. I hit the brakes and she slipped and skidded on the road. Her eyes were level with mine as she went past the window: wide open with frozen terror. She went through the line of traffic and back into the road again. Like you, I hate it when I see them down.

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    • Our bucks are much sought after and tend to hide themselves. We are out in the woods and we tend to get the families through. A family group of five has been with us now for more than a year. We haven’t seen much of them this summer though. Hang on, they’ll be back, my friends tell me. I certainly hope so. Glad you liked it, Tanya. Thanks.

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      • My neighbor just called to say he had a four point buck in the garden. I’ll keep my eyes open. He’s just down the road from me and it’s starting to get dark and shadowy out there. Here’s hoping.


  1. When were you in my area, Roger? That is such an every day experience around here that is isn’t even given a second glance now. I love your word pictures, and having seen the destruction to my son’s truck a few years ago can also understand the poor driver’s reaction. Kudos on your poetic tribute to Bambi’s mom.

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    • It’s pretty gruesome here as well. Our deer population is down considerably. but raccoons, porcupines, foxes, cats, dogs, the occasional moose …. you don’t want to hit a moose … not even an occasional one. So glad you liked it and commented. Thank you.

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