Fin on Swing

Fin on Swing

So, how do you get movement into a two-dimensional space? How do you get the to and fro, the up and down, the legs out front, the hair out back? And there are so many things missing. The alpacas watching. The goats guzzling. The peacock making whatever noise a peacock makes. Oh dear, I forgot all of those things. But then, I was never a great artist – just a dabbler in line and color, in sorrow and joy, but joy and happiness, shape and color, emotions above all. And when childhood meets second childhood – then there is joy and laughter and swings that go faster.

3 thoughts on “Fin on Swing

  1. Howdy, Sir Raj,
    Just to let you know I’ve been trying to break through these tech barriers (as I would call them) – wanting to comment on some of your posts. You certainly are enjoying your time with Finley.
    All the best to you, Claire, Fin, and your 6 cats.
    Well, here I go again, pressing “Send”.
    Who knows where it will end up.
    Keep marching on.

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