True Love

True Love

True love flows so much deeper
than an exchange of body fluids
or a handing over of ritual rings.

Our advancing lives are no longer
ruled by nature’s primal urges.
Our bodies have been taken over
by old age stiffness, aches, and pains.

Some nights, I wake up to find
she no longer breathes. I reach out
in panic, touch her gently, and when
she breathes again, I heave a sigh
redolent with love and relief.

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True Love

11 thoughts on “True Love

  1. “I stood out under the stars last night___and wondered how each small light___could shine upon this earth so dark__could swell and blaze, glitter and spark___just showing man the way to go__They pattern the sky that he might know___the order and rhythm of nature’s ways__that man might join with man someday___and make a light within his mind___a tenderness for all mankind___an inner joy that shall cast out___the meanest things that make men doubt!” From Joyce Hifler’s book titled To Everything, There Is A Season. You can still get her books. Best wishes! Pejj

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  2. Oh! How well I know that experience! Thomas had sleep apnea. He did not want to use the machine____. That is not what he died from though he had advanced pulmonary Fibrosis which took him on September 28th, 2020. I would touch him to see if he was ok____

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    • It can be very distressing. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Covid is back here with us in NB (Canada). We opened too soon and our rates are now the highest ever. Too many people losing loved ones for too many reasons. Thank you for visiting. All best wishes.

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      • Covid___Sad and horrifying. Thank you regarding Thomas. I took time to just be present with processing it. To allow the time to mourn his loss. I am changing things up in the house, that has helped, and tucked away the things I want to keep, Returned family photos and other things to his brother. ETC. Both artist….well LOL Alot here. But it is comfortable now. I have sad days of course, but feeling that sadness for awhile and letting it be a place in my heart has helped. It seems mourning the loss of a loved one depends on the kind of relationship you had, and who you are. We had a very good relationship, I was lucky to be so loved! I am focusing in on my writing, and the blog and art at this time. I do have support via family. I would say I am ok! Best wishes! Pejj

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      • Mindfulness: it can help at the most difficult times. The older generation, my grandparents, had all sorts of sayings for keeping busy and not letting the mind run away with things! I am threatening to paint, but am busy writing at present. I’ll be back on your blog to visit you soon. Best.

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