KIRA 2021 Books

KIRA 2021 Books

I stayed this morning for the KIRA public visits. It was very cold on the back porch and not many people visited. I received four visitors between 10 and 2. However, word will spread and the people will come. Especially if the weather improves. Books above: On Being Welsh, Tales of Tara, McAdam Railway Station, Time Spirits, Lamentations for Holy Week, Land of Rocks and Saints, Obsidian 22, Obsidian’s Edge, and Twelve Days of Cat.

The porch at KIRA: a place to meet, read, write, and display one’s works. What a pleasure to be there. A double pleasure to be invited back.

Books washed up on the Beach, Holt’s Point, NB. Some of the above and a few others. Looking good, as the book worm said when he crawled along the beach for breakfast.

Books in Studio #1, laid out for the visitors, KIRA, June, 2017. So much color, so much hard work.

2 thoughts on “KIRA 2021 Books

  1. Wow, Roger, you have so many books, an impressive collection! It sounds like a wonderful place to hang out for a day, and it would be a treat to meet you and discuss your work, I hope more people take advantage of a great opportunity!

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    • Thank you, Tiffany. I have been writing for a long, long time and continue to do so. I give most of my books away to my friends. However, with postage having risen so high, it is often cheaper to purchase the book online, rather than have me send it! I think I have published about 40, between books and chapbooks, commercial, and academic presses, and self-publishing. It’ all great fun and mostly art for the sake of art. I am glad I am not trying to make a living out of this. Too many sad stories about poverty stricken authors, especially up here in Canada.

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