Grand Finale

IMG_0646 (2).JPG

Grand Finale
(Moscow 1812
Moncton 2015)

survey the battlefield
muskets primed
three shots a minute
cities burning
hamlets and villages

through a monocle
stand to attention
be-whiskered faces
small narrow minds
wine glasses raised
gay colored uniforms
dazzling decorations
marvelous medals

balloons blooming
gaudy their globules
pins at the ready
no flash but a big bang

glorious martial music
church bells ringing
carillon and cannon
magnificent the music

written cryptic
recorded alive
heard played seen
in  memory’s mind’s eye
again and again


5 thoughts on “Grand Finale

    • Waterloo was 1815. 1812 is Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow and also the 1812 Overture (Tchaikovsky) … I hope I spelled his name right. e had a session at the WFNB, conducted by a friend of mine, where she played the 1812, provided us all with balloons and ins, and we pierced them in time to the music. A fantastic session.

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      • We must remember history, even if we only learn and read from it. Alas, even when we live it, as we are now, people rarely actually see what they are living. This is what the collection Zeitgeist aka Time-Spirits is all about. I’ll be publishing it soon and will send you a copy.

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