Dustbin Alley


Dustbin Alley
(1789 AD)

all the dustbins
dancing down the street
trying to achieve
a spring time copulation
to create more dustbins

you can’t have a revolution
without dustbins
dustbin … dustbins … dirty
dusty dustbins

a sadistic way to look at
basket-bins full of sawdust
heading between potholes
wind-blown bins
a right St. Vitus’s Dance

him sitting next to me
knitting a new red cap
to place upon
the old dictionary
me standing
on Gibraltar’s Rock so fair
this square in Paris
Place de la Bastille
where tumbrils rattle
over cobbles

Old Moll in a Moll’s Cap
toothless fairy
at a Goblin Party
afraid of mushrooms
scared of toadstools

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7 thoughts on “Dustbin Alley

    • The poem is also based on Sade’s version of the death of Marat. In the film, the chant is: “You can’t have a revolution without copulation, copu-, copu-, copu-, copulation’. And, of course all the heads end up in the sawdust basket-bin, and Victor Hugo wrote that “J’ai mis un bonnet rouge sur le vieux dictionnaire”. Great way to knit a sweater or a bonnet! Thanks for visiting.

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      • Ah Roger I have missed your intelligence and erudition. I have seen the film which I thought was very funny and of course my sympathies lay with De Sade that sardonic old rogue who is under no illusions about either himself or humanity in general. Stop by to Cakeland as some point, I always value your input.

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      • Indeed, I must visit you and get back up to date. John K. has been telling me about what you are up to and I too have missed our conversations. I have been doing lots of writing, but very little online reading recently. Clearly time to get back in touch with some of my old [not in the age sense: our brains are too young!] and faithful friends.

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      • It can be very difficult to keep all the balls up in the air: writing, reading, researching and then to read posts and comments can be exhausting. I too think of you as a faithful friend Roger!

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      • Well you know what the juggler said … I have just posted El dos de mayo and El tres de mayo will go up tomorrow. You’ll recognize a couple of lines from today’s poem. They were generated on your page (I think).

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