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(2 May 1808 AD)

bottle tops unscrewed
tighter than the tightest
oyster refusing to open
pointed knife and scissors

plastic this many layered
onion-skin’s pliant defiance
waging its guerrilla war
against arthritic fingers

words tongue-twisted
damning dark mouths
white picket fences
midnight the faces
lightning the teeth

felonious figures
grimy with grimaces
Mother Hubbard’s
cupboard empty hearts

robin redbreasts
battering heads wings legs
against stony cobbles
if only stones could speak
what stories they would tell
this city this sunny square



El dos de mayo, 1808, marks the start of the Spanish War of Independence. The people of Madrid rose up against Napoleon’s Mamelukes and Goya painted that encounter in his Dos de Mayo. On the third of May, 1808, Goya also bore witness to the shootings when Napoleon’s troops took hostages and shot them. Two great and wonderful paintings which we can celebrate today and tomorrow. Also well worth a visit, today and tomorrow, is Mr. Cake’s Cake or Death site with his blog on Seasons of Witches and his introduction to Goya’s Black Paintings. Another site that merits serious attention is Geoff Slater’s art site.

18 thoughts on “Tongue-Tied

  1. i am reminded of accounts of Georgia O’keffe’ having great pleasure from holding riverbed stones when the Chamos River in New Mexico was dry.

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    • There is a wonderful, tactile quality to stones. Robert, I do so much appreciate your presence on these pages, and your comments. Thank you so much for being here. “If only stones could speak
      what stories they would tell.” How many stepping stone have we trodden during our lives? They have taken us from here to there. And they all tell a story, our story.


    • The whole advent of plastic packaging is doing just that to all manner of things. Some of the food we have been getting has been wrapped in five or six layers of plastic. We are trying to avoid the ‘mucky stuff’ and we also recycle, but it is a losing battle against very heavy odds.

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