Night Light


IMG_0535 (2).JPG

Night Light
(1578 -1591 AD)

quiet now the house
staircase winds up
that wooden hill
to Bedfordshire
down to drop
into darkness
wait in peace
starlight will break
its light-waves
over your eyes
into your heart

owls in the gloom
round eyes gleaming
a who-knows-what
what watches
a godsend now
this light house light
its lightning lightening

sudden comfort
this hand on my shoulder
these fingers in my hair
this midnight witch

One thought on “Night Light

  1. Re: Night Light I like this poem. It lends a sense of calm, of comfort. I was taken out of the spell, however, by the application of the word ‘twitching’, at the end. It seemed facile, clever, a bit too light for the maturity? of the rest of the poem. I’m not recommending a replacement, as I don’t think it requires one. As always, this is just my opinion. Chuck


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