Hash Brownies

It’s funny, really … after years and ears of avoiding illegal recreational drugs, of urging students and athletes to be natural and clean, after politely and rudely saying “No” to pushers and pushing them aside … the least (so they say) of those recreational drugs (marijuana) is now legal and on sale in Canada in government sponsored and approved stores. Did I waste my life in the advocacy of cleanliness and health only to discover that what I was advocating against is now perfectly legal, and excellent, and good, and makes tax money and profit for the government?

One thing’s for sure: I’ve been clean since birth, and I am not starting now, not on recreational drugs that were previously illegal. That said, my friends who suffer, as I do, from osteo-arthritis assure me that the medical marijuana they have been using for years is better for them than all the patent medicines sold over the counter. I can see and hear the ads: “Blow dope for hope,” “avoid pills for your ills,” “smoke joints for your joints.” Or maybe  “eat hash brownies for your just desserts.”

So, on the first day that marijuana was legalized in Canada, I went into the garage, climbed the step-ladder, stood at the top, breathed deep, and came down again. I went back into the house and told my beloved: “There: I’ve just had my first legal high.” I was proud: high on top of a step-ladder and still legally, morally, virtually, spiritually clean.

Guess I don’t need strange smells hanging to my clothes. I can always smoke Gauloises or Disc Bleu if I need smelly breath and clothing, not that I have ever smoked either. I guess I will remain a rope-a-dope virgin … but I might yet be tempted by the miraculous possibilities inherent in hash brownies or peanut butterballs with an appropriate addition. Especially if the pain gets worse. And my doctor makes a strong recommendation for clemency.

9 thoughts on “Hash Brownies

  1. I had to laugh when you described your legalization day “high”. This may be unnecessary to say, but it comes to mind. Cannabis has a few chemicals and the ones that people enjoy for recreation are not necessarily the best for pain. I know if there is a day that I need non-addictive pain relief I will look for a pharmaceutical grade cannabis product whether on or off prescription…I have no idea what’s out there currently…

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  2. I’ve always been of the mind that opium has long been used legally and while it can obviously be abused as we see in the current crisis, it has definite medical usefulness. I think marijuana has the same potential. Especially with a delivery system other than smoking it!

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    • The voice of reason in an emotional argument: I think that many of the local stores have run out of supplies, there was such a ‘rush’ to buy and people lining up all night to be the first in there. As I say, I might reconsider if my doctor recommends that I do so, otherwise, I am staying clean! Meanwhile, I have to admit there’s a funny side to all of this.

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