My body’s house has many rooms and you, my love,
walk through them all. Your shadow dances on walls,
in mirrors, and your breath brushes my cheek

every time I open doors or windows. That silly cat
looks for you and hisses when I bring her kibble.
I move from room to room, but when I seek you,

you are no longer here. I knock, nothing opens.
Afraid, sometimes, to enter a room, I know
you are in there. I hear your footsteps on the stair.

Sometimes your voice seems to break the silence.
You whisper my name in the same old way.
How can it be true, my love, that you have gone,

that you have left me here alone? I count the hours,
the days, embracing dust motes. I find no solace
in salacious sunbeams and my occasional dreams.

Comment: Regular visitors to this blog will probably recognize this poem. It is a rewrite of an earlier one, also bearing the title Lost (click here for earlier post). I rewrote, or rather, reorganized the structure of the poem, added some words, and subtracted others. I did this earlier this summer while Clare was in Ottawa visiting our daughter and grand-daughter. And yes, I missed her. I always do when she in not present or I am away. Comments on either version will be welcome, particularly if you prefer one version over the other.

7 thoughts on “Lost

  1. I was worried and confused at first as I thought your Claire was still with you. So I was relieved to read her departure was temporary. (I should have picked it up from the reference to counting days, but that might have meant meeting in another realm)
    The poem reads perfectly for me. I enjoyed the interplay with the cat’s reactions. I clicked back to the first version which read well too…but I vote for your second one (an in the moment response) 🙂

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    • I know the feeling. It’s great for poetry, though, if you can catch any of those magic moments wen you slip between the mirror and the the glass and the silver lining, just before you slip down the rabbit hole after drinking the magic potion. And that’s another poem!


  2. I’ll have to go back and reread the original, but I really like this version. The feel of being lost without your partner – it’s only at the end, you realize it isn’t a permanent loss! To the relief of the reader!

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