On Reading

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(Today’s photo: Cherry … she was a very obedient dog and always listened carefully. Sometimes she actually obeyed.)

On Reading

Yesterday, I posted an audio of me reading Monkey Presses Delete. I received some e-mails about this reading and realized that reading into the microphone, alone, without an audience, had crated a ‘new voice version’ of the poem. I thought about it overnight and came to the conclusion that my public readings are dictated by two things: (1) my own mood and (2) audience reception. Audience reception is, in itself, a double thing (a) how they perceive me before I even open my mouth (especially if I am an unknown quantity to them) and (b) how they perceive me as I use my performing and reading skills to manipulate them. And no, I am not a passive reader of my poetry, but a very aware and active one.

So, I rethought my relationship to Monkey Presses Delete, and re-recorded it this morning. The second reading is very different, as you will hear. Virtually the same poem, virtually the same poet, but a very, very different reading. I will be very interested to read and / or hear your comments on these two audio variations.

Monkey Presses Delete
(Take 2, Monday, 11 June 2018)

6 thoughts on “On Reading

  1. Hi Roger,
    I loved the drama and energy of the first reading. The idea of deleting annoying people has always been a fantasy of mine. “I divorce thee. I divorce thee. I divorce thee.” Further thought, however, tells me that I would have been the first in my family to be deleted…so I’ll have to settle for annoying words. None of which were hiding in Monkey Temple. Moore, please, Sir.

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    • Thanks for the comment, Pat. It’s funny how audience and reading blend … and a microphone is not an appreciative audience. I change up and down during a reading if I feel the need to change the mood or tone. The microphone just gives me an unappreciative metallic stare, and I set off not knowing where the emotional boundaries are to be found. That rarely happens in a live reading.


    • Hi Tanya: so happy to see you here. They are indeed two very different readings and if I read the poem again, I am sure I would produce another one, also different. Now I know how to do it, I’ll start reading some old poems again, put Monkey Temple back in circulation. He is a favorite of many readers. Thanks for coming back.

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      • I have been in and out of the blog. Two back to back online courses and the blog first disappeared, then re-appeared (as if by magic), and has now been slightly neglected. I’ll remedy that though and do some more ‘live’ readings. They are so much fun. Maybe I’ll make Cherry or a Teddy Bear Her Poet’s Voice!

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