Seven flashes of light, then raindrops start
falling, one, two, followed by a curtain
dragging its damp dishcloth wetness over
windows, walls. It pocks the river’s troubled
face. Rising waters surpass all levels
from former floods. Water pours into homes,
floods basements, climbs stairs. Drowned branches scratch at
second floor windows as they float by.  Old
people evacuate their houses, are
boated to higher ground, beloved pets
upon their laps, boxed and caged. Men wonder
when this will end while older people shake
their heads, saying that they have never seen
anything like it. Overhead the storm
gathers strength. Rain tumbles, bubbling in
brooks that slide downhill filling the river.
Grand Lake now extends from Freddy to Saint
John. Why has it come to this? What can we
do to appease the mindless river gods,
fall on our knees and pray, if so, for what?
Last year we suffered drought, forest fires,
wells running dry, wild life dying of thirst.
This year it is death by inundation.
Rain continues. Thunder rolls. The wind gets
up and drives waves high against house windows.
Lightning carves fresh scars across dark clouds.
We shuffle our feet, accepting our fate
with grimaces, hugs, kisses, and sad smiles.

10 thoughts on “Inundation

  1. Glad to know you are still above water level…as you say these have been extremely challenging times for your area…I enjoyed the subtlety of your reference to branches scratching by second floor windows.

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    • Thank, Janice. We have had a rough couple of years, since Hurricane Arthur. The weather has become so unpredictable and this river rising was sudden, shocking, and unexpected. It was almost an overnight event. Then the rain came … I think we are over the worst now. I certainly hope so. Warm and sunny today. No more rain on the horizon. The waters dropping here in Freddy. But they are still rising downstream in the Saint John area. We can only hope for better days.

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    • Thanks, Allan. I lay awake listening to the thunder and went downstairs as I couldn’t sleep. Wrote this with the lightning flashing and the rain pouring down, while thinking of the folk downriver where the waters continue to rise.


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