All thumbs,
I can manage
two bunches,
one on each side.

But now,
with her mother gone,
it’s much more difficult
to part my daughter’s hair
neatly into three.

I work hard to perfect
that one thick plait
she loves down her back.

As for fish-bones
and French braiding…
she begs me to try

and I promise
that when my thumbs
turn into fingers,
I’ll give it a go.

14 thoughts on “Braids

  1. I have no fine motor skills at all, period, full stop, but I can braid, can even French braid. My problem is, when I need to do two braids, of either kind, I can never get the hair parted evenly. It always looks even, but when I am finished one braid is always much thicker than the other. Sigh. Fortunately I don’t have three little girls in my house any more. (Or is that unfortunately?) But on the weekend I did have two lovely grand daughters here to stay. Yesterday one of them wanted a pony tail but had trouble getting it the way she wanted. Well, I made a lovely one, if I do say so myself. Although her thick and shiny hair did contribute a bit to the final product. And by the way, some day I will learn how to keep my comments concise!

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    • Sorry to hear about the motor skills, Ana. I have never been good with anything involving ‘finger skills’ … except writing. The grand-daughters home sounds great. We Skyped with ours. Not quite the same, but much better than the telephone. Or nothing. Thanks for commenting; concision is neither here nor there … writing and the thoughts, these count!


    • Thank you, Roland. The photo, slightly photo-shopped and cropped, is of the feet of our neighborhood raccoon. We found them thawing the frost one morning, on a canvas chair on our porch. “All thumbs,” indeed. This is one of my older poems, incidentally, reworked as my writing changes.

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