Avila 2007a 039



 Dead accurate he was
with a piece of chalk,
hit you wherever you sat:

right between
the eyes.

 “Pay attention, boy.”
“I was paying attention, sir.”
“Then repeat what I just said.”

 And the boy repeated it,
word for word.

Here, have a peppermint.”
“No thank you, sir.”
“Guess and how, then.”

 He put his hand in his pocket
and pulled out a handful of coins.

Sooner or later
we all tried,
but nobody ever guessed
how much money
he held in his hand.

11 thoughts on “Chalky

    • We had a couple of masters who were dead accurate. Those little small pieces that always lie around the bottom of junior school chalkboards, too small to use, too much to waste. … He waited till the heads were down, actually. And never missed, never wasted a piece of ammunition. Of course, if a sixth sense cause you to look up …

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    • “Those days are past now, and in the past they must remain …” Flower of Scotland. In those good old days, the masters also had license to flog the boys with bamboo canes. And in private schools, the parents paid for the privilege of having their kids flogged. I think our children / grand-children are better off without such treatment.

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  1. Hi Roger. Cute poem! I just put my very first poem ever on my new blog — I wrote it in the first grade and believe me I was very intelligent at that age! Or maybe I mean gullible! Mom told us we could catch birds by sprinkling salt on their tails, so we all spent the summers chasing birds with our own individual salt shakers — but that’s not what my pome was about. Just an aside to amuse and inform. Have a good week! Angie

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