summer walks
garden paths
footprints of flowers

green dreams
wind-lisped grass
multitudinous tongues.

bright birds
morning bells
midsummer madness.

forced feeding
a million beaks
and bellies

cloudy morning
a chill in the air
rowan berries
bright yellow

little red faces
crab apples
bending branches

winter never far
fear of frost
always upon us


4 thoughts on “Change

    • Thanks, Roland. I’m taking an online course in creative writing from U of Toronto. It is really helping me to focus on my writing. It’s a course on short story writing, but it has very useful segments on critiquing and word use. I’m still learning!


    • I prefer the rowan tree: it has many magic connections within Celtic mythology. Mountain Ash was the scene of a mining disaster back in Wales in the sixties. I never feel the rowan is disastrous; rather it is so beautiful, year round. And in autumn, it fills with berries and birds.


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